Contact VAESA

e-mail hello.vaesa@gmail.com

phone: 0400434383 (Robyn Carmody)

Postal Address: 13 Melrose Ave Clearview 5085 (Robyn Carmody)


Executive Team:

President: Robyn Carmody, R – 12 Visual Arts Teacher at Blackfriars Priory School.

Vice-President: Ruth Flaherty, Visual Arts academic tutor at Flinders University

Secretary: Noeleen Curran, Artist and Visual Arts teacher currently TRT for Independent and Catholic sectors.

Treasurer: Gail Glasper: R – 7 Visual Arts Specialist at Richmond Primary School

Publicity and Promotions Officer: Olivia Saman: 8 – 12 Visual Arts at Hope Christian College

Membership Officer: Eliana Mappouridou-Hockley: Visual Arts, STEAM and Textiles teacher for DECD current site Pasadena High School


Committee Members:

Esther Amoy: Senior Visual Arts and Design at Emmaus College

Maria Bilske: Uni SA, Visual Art and Media Arts Pre-service Teacher

Natalie Castree: Visual Arts, Design and Media Arts at Port Augusta West Primary School

Richard Dall: Visual Arts Specialist at St John’s Grammar and STEAM specialist at Bridgewater Primary School

Kari Doyle: Visual Arts and Media Arts Specialist at Brahma Lodge Primary School

Mark Fischer: Visual Artist, Visual Arts Educator; Museums, Flinders University (casual staff) & Botanic Gardens Artist-in-Residence

Bindi MacGill: Visual Arts Lecturer Uni SA

Amanda Mermelengas: Visual Art and Media Arts Specialist at Greenwith Primary School.

Kylie Neagle: Education Officer Art Gallery of South Australia

Lara Nowak: Visual Arts, Design and Digital Media Specialist Teacher and Artist

Jackie Reichstein: Visual Art, Design, Creative Arts, Photography and Digital Media Teacher at Henley High School; SACE moderator and practicing Artist.